Welcome to the Family

Welcome to the family



Life Values

Here at LCE, we always have fun and engage in activities that help grow our intellect and compassion for one another. LCE is more than just a place. It is a community that shares the same desires and passions. We talk about dreams, hobbies, beliefs, cultures, relationship values, life purpose, life meaning, jobs, business, and everything in between.

Our vision is to become a better community that impacts lives and nations. 

We believe we can bring harmony and peace to the world by understanding and embracing other cultures. 

Celebration and Cultural Events



fbe363_d6a4060f6a5f4371a65aab9b03cae19d~mv2.webpBring language to life

Our dream is to make all things language related relevant to everyday life and business.

Sometimes language learners focus too much on how they speak the language and forget how to enjoy the culture behind the language itself. Languages and cultures are interwoven.

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