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We bring language to life

By Philip G, Founder

July 2020


We believe that language is extremely important, not only to communicate ones ideas, but also ones feelings, culture, and beliefs. As we focus on improving our student’s English fluency, we also want to improve their interpersonal skills and their leadership skills. 

From experience, we have noticed that people and organizations often fail to connect with the world around them or miss out on new experiences due to language miscommunications. We desire our students to live life to the fullest, so here at LCE we provide three great programs to combat this problem. These programs include:

  1. Indonesian for expats
  2. English both for daily language and institutional language
  3. Soft Skill class that focuses on character building and leadership improvement

Indonesia has so many attractive sites and unique cultures that it has become a magnet to people around the world for decades. The ability to speak Indonesian will be a huge advantage for anyone visiting our country that wants to have a great experience.

We understand you

1. Our Indonesian program will not only help you speak the language but will also help you see the heart of the Indonesian people, understand the culture, and be able to quickly connect with locals. 


2. Our English program is designed for those who want to be prepared for an international setting in business, tourism and/or education. We approach the language learning process through equipping, facilitating, and mentoring our student’s. We want to make sure that our student’s are equipped with cognitive skills while being facilitated with enough opportunities to explore and grow as an individual, as well as being mentored by our trained teachers who are willing to walk you every step of the way from your first day until your last. 


3. We want to help our students not only to grow in knowledge but also in their interpersonal skills.



Since globalization took place at the end of 20 century, the need to learn and master English has become so important. Our English program is designed to serve those in the business, health, and engineering sectors who must keep up with the times in this constantly changing world. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared Covid-19 to be an global pandemic in April 2020, which has since significantly grown the need to understand and speak English. LCE understands this need and focuses on helping people, like you, to embrace this change and push yourself in your language study. Our English Program covers your need of English from Basic English skill up to Advance, both general and academic.

Learning at LCE is fun and engaging

Studying doesn’t have to be a chore. LCE has managed to run our English program for years in a way that students grow in their language abilities and are able to enjoy the learning process.We understand that people are complex beings. We all have feelings, intellect, instincts, humor, mood swings, emotions, and many other characteristics. Here at LCE we engage all of these characteristics in our teaching style so that you can be yourself and enjoy your experience. From our experience, when the pressures to succeed or perform are eliminated the ability to absorb information is substantially greater. We also believe that a person is more likely to achieve their dreams when they are allowed to be them self. 


We believe people are fascinating creatures who are able to reach unthinkable heights. The incredible potential of what people can do has been proven repeatedly throughout the history of humanity. Here at LCE, we serve and respect people. Our student’s are our top priority and we want to work together, encouraging each other as a unique family that brings positive impact on lives and nations. We dream that each of our students will reach their potential and bring peace and positive influence to their life, family and society.

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