About LCE Learning

About LCE

by Philip G, Founder

We believe that language it is extremely important not only to communicate your ideas but also your feeling, cultures. As we focus on bringing English at the table, we also want improve interpersonal skills and leadership skill of our students.

Without language we face a lot of misunderstanding between people, organisations and  and failing to connect to our world the way that we can bring peace.

For those reasons, LCE provide three of our great programs which are:

  1. Indonesian for expats and anybody
  2. English both for daily language and institutional language
  3. Soft Skill that focus on character building and leadership improvement

Indonesia as where our main office is located, has so many attractive sites and cultures that’s has become a magnet to people around the world for decades. Able to speak Indonesian will be a huge advantage for whoever wants to have the best experience when visiting our country.

Our Indonesian Class program will help you not only to speak the language but also to see the heart of the people, to understand their culture and to be able to connect to the people in a short time. Our approach during your learning process will be through equipping, facilitating, and mentoring. That way, we want to make sure that you will be equipped with cognitive and skills, facilitated with enough opportunities to explore and grow, and mentored by our trained teachers that willing to help you side by side from the beginning until the end of your study. We want to help our students not only to grow in their knowledge but also to improve their soft skills as if they are in the real life studying.

Since globalization took place at the 20 century, the need of mastering English become so big and still growing until today on 2020.  Our English program is designed to served the world globalization that is required in business sector, health sector, engineer . Since Covid-19 become an epidemic declared by WHO on April 2020, the need of understanding and using English has been growing so much and push more people to find their way to study English. LCE understand this need and focus on helping people like you to embrace this language. Our English Program covers your need of English from basic English skill up to Advance, boft formal and informal.

LCE Medan is an English and Indonesian language school that focuses on bringing language to life. Here at LCE you can learn Bahasa Indonesia, English, Soft Skill, IELTS, TOEFL, Indonesian Cultures and life values. We welcome people from around the world to join us in learning and growing together for a better future. Together we can make a positive impact on the world. 

If you are looking for “les bahasa Inggris terbaik di Medan”, LCE is the one that you are looking for. Come and join us, now!

Welcome to the family



Life Values

Here at LCE, we always have fun and engage in activities that help grow our intellect and compassion for one another. LCE is more than just a place. It is a community that shares the same desires and passions. We talk about dreams, hobbies, beliefs, cultures, relationship values, life purpose, life meaning, jobs, business, and everything in between.

Our vision is to become a better community that impacts lives and nations. 

We believe we can bring harmony and peace to the world by understanding and embracing other cultures. 

Celebration and Cultural Events




Bring language to life

Our dream is to make all things language related relevant to everyday life and business.

Sometimes language learners focus too much on how they speak the language and forget how to enjoy the culture behind the language itself. Languages and cultures are interwoven.

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